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Posted: 03/06/2023

1. Provides for the cleanliness of Dallas County Hospital facilities on a daily basis in area assigned, working independently.
• carries out clean-up techniques for patient rooms, isolation and discharge on a daily basis
• vacuums and mops floors in all areas, according to the schedule
• replenishes supplies, such as paper towels, soap, etc.
• keeps utility carts, equipment, storage rooms, linen rooms clean and orderly
• carries out clean-up techniques for non-patient areas

2. Handling and storage of clean and soiled linen.
• supplies all areas with clean linen
• handling and transporting of clean and soiled linen to proper areas
• complies with infection control procedures for proper handling of linens

3. Complies with safety and biohazard waste.
• Handling, transporting biohazard waste
• report observations of structural and equipment wear, defect or malfunctions

4. Other
• completes and submits time studies for cost report in a timely manner

In addition to the functions described above, this role may include other responsibilities and duties as assigned on occasion, based upon Dallas County Hospital needs or requirements.

Note: Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of this position.

• Education/Experience:
High school education or GED, required. Ability to use job specific equipment, chemicals, and biohazard waste removal.

• Technical Skills:
Effective written and oral communication skills.

• PC Competencies:
A working knowledge of the Windows environment is desirable.

• Behavioral Competencies:
Support Dallas County Hospital’s vision and mission; maintain confidentiality of all work information;
demonstrate an ability to function successfully in a team environment; exhibit courteous, compassionate and
respectful treatment of internal and external customers; display a positive attitude and flexibility in changing
situations; participate in identifying problems and suggesting solutions. Correctly understands and adheres to the
DCH compliance policy.

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