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Posted: 03/06/2023

Customer Service
1. Professionally represents Dallas County Hospital to all patients, visitors in person by smiling and greeting them.
2. Provides information about services, meetings and directions.
3. Professionally answers switch board calls, including internal and external phone calls
4. Reflects DCH Standards of Behavior towards patients and visitors by finding solutions to their questions.

Patient Access
5. Professionally represents Dallas County Hospital to all patients, visitors in person, and phone calls.
6. Responsible for obtaining prior authorizations for all procedural orders by successfully completing the authorization process with all payers.
7. Access, edit or enter information in billing system
8. Obtain accurate benefit/insurance/eligibility information from payors utilizing various means including telephone communication and online systems
9. Verifies appropriate pre-certifications and authorizations have been received
10. Works with the guarantor, employers, insurance representatives,/agents and referring clinic to resolve insurance verification and pre-certification issues
11. Responsible for calculating, communicating and collecting payment due at time of service utilizing Payment Navigation online program.
12. Requires understanding of insurance benefits and ability to relay that information to patients
13. Evaluates options and services available to meet patient needs including financial assistance and payment plans
14. Document complete and accurate benefit/verification information on account records
15. Demonstrates effective written and verbal communication with patients, co-workers, insurance representatives, referring physicians and other interested parties
16. Assists applicants with filling out applications for DCH Financial Assistance as well as any other applicable assistance programs, including the loan program.
17. Identify and move accounts to collection status.
18. Work closely with the early-out vendor.

Specialty Clinic
19. May assist in all areas of Specialty Clinic as assigned.
20. Professionally represents Dallas County Hospital and Specialists to all patients, visitors in person, and phone calls.
21. With appropriate certifications (C.N.A.) may provide direct delivery of patient care within their scope of practice. This includes taking vital signs, weight, and assisting nursing staff.

Pay Nav Mentor: May serve in this role, as assigned by Director
22. Serves as a Role Model for Payment Navigation.
23. Provides guidance, support and encouragement to mentees.
24. To maintain a formal effective mentor-mentee relationship
• Meet weekly with mentees on a one on one basis
• Observe mentee during one encounter per week. Complete and submit weekly checklist to advisor and manager.
• Assist each mentee in reaching their individual goals on a consistent basis.
25. Keep a positive and enthusiastic attitude
26. Ownership of standardizing processes as needed

In addition to the functions described above, this role may include other responsibilities and duties as assigned on occasion, based upon Dallas County Hospital needs or requirements.

Note: Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of this position.

• Education/Experience:
High school graduate, or equivalent. Previous customer service experience, required. Financial/Insurance experience or education, preferred. C.N.A., preferred.

• Technical Skills:
Basic computer skills and knowledge of the Business Office equipment, including copy machine, calculators, printers, fax machines, postage meter and phone system.

• Other qualifications/certificate/license:
Excellent written and verbal communication skills in dealing with patients and co-workers. Public speaking skills.

• PC Competencies:
The incumbent must demonstrate an understanding and working knowledge of the Windows environment and Microsoft Office products, as well as ability to access and use information in meaningful ways. Demonstrate ability to use Internet.


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